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If You Can Dump It...We Can Pump It!

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Trust in our work guarantee

Don't settle for those other septic tank companies who aren't holding themselves accountable for their work.


Denniss Septic Tank Service knows how important it is for you to feel like you're getting the best services in the area. Our qualified and dependable septic specialists offer a work and service guarantee!


This means if your septic system stops working at any point or you feel you haven't been given the care you deserve, we'll take care of it!


When you're looking for quality septic services, Denniss Septic Tank Service is the perfect choice. For over 30 years we've been accommodating residential and commercial customers throughout the Monroe County area!

Stop backups from occurring on your lawn or property

Did you know that your septic tank needs to be cleaned every 3 - 5 years? Denniss Septic Tank Services can guide you through the entire cleaning and pumping process. We offer honest and dependable care for all your systems. From flushing out old tanks to the very first cleaning, we are here each step of the way!

Make sure your temporary sewage system is cleaned

Whether you have an emergency or a temporary holding tank, state law requires it to be cleaned regularly and more often than a permanent sewer system. Let our licensed and insured professionals ensure you get the pump and haul-away service you need for your tanks. We adhere to all state guidelines to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Don't break the bank to keep your septic system working

Routine septic tank cleanings and pumping can be expensive. If you're struggling to find the money to pay for the cleanings your system needs, work with us! We offer budget-friendly pricing and affordable options to fit you and your wallet's needs.